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Tumbling Classes

We now offer tumbling sessions! Our tumbling classes start at the beginner level with no experience necessary and progress to intermediate - advanced. Our back to school session begins August 8th-Sept 20th with weekly classes.

$100 per session (1 session = 6 classes)

Beginner 1 Sunday 4-5pm or Monday 7-8pm

Beginner 2  5:30-6:30pm

Intermediate Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm

Advanced Monday 8-9pm

Classes can be found on jackrabbit under the events tab. Email with any questions. 

Beginner 1 - This session covers all of the basics at a beginner level. No experience required as your athlete masters the basics. They will learn drills and terminology, back bend kick overs, cartwheels, intro to round offs, back walkovers, front walk overs ,intro to back handsprings. 

Beginner 2 - Athletes will incorporate drills into skills. They can do back walk over and front walk over, roundoff with a strong rebound while working on back handsprings, and intro to back handspring series. Once mastered they begin working intro to tuck drills.

Intermediate -  Athletes with strong back handsprings working on perfecting standing and running series.  Intermediate athletes are also working aerials, punch fronts, and combination passes to tuck. We also start intro to standing tucks and layouts in this level.